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Ziynne-Kid of Pop is a world-class performer that rocks the stage with electrifying energy!


“He has shared the stage with music's biggest stars including the Jacksons!”
- Windy City Live, ABC7 Chicago


"His Michael Jackson moves have the whole country talking!"
- Kristin Bien, WSBT TV, Channel 22

“Dances to the sounds of Michael Jackson.”
- Greg Swiercz, In the Bend

“He's got the moves.”
- All Things Michael

“Dances in holiday parade.”
- Luu Ann Franklin, NW Indiana Times

“Little Ziynne is only eight years old, and he's perfected Michael Jackson's moves.”
- Carole Meekins, TMJ 4 News Milwaukee

“For the past four years he has been dancing to the music of Michael Jackson. He comes complete with a red jacket and a sparkly glove. The crowds love him.”
- Kathy Borlik, South Bend Tribune

“All this attention; at school and home, he is shy and quiet.  Then he gets on stage and he is all different."
- Kathy Borlik, South Bend Tribune

"America's Got Talent" held auditions in Michigan for the first time on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Cobo Center in Downtown Detroit.
- Edward Pevos, MLive

"He knows how to move himself around in a way that says a lot for a kid."
- Sam Machado, ENSTARS Global Entertainment

"His ability to captivate audiences with his electrifying dance moves has garnered him national recognition and success."
- Stephen Ward, Sojourner's Truth


"The audience at the famous theater will let you know if they aren't pleased with the acts.  Many lesser acts are booed off the stage.  But they loved Ziynne."
- Kathy Borlik, South Bend Tribune

"He's young, he's full of energy, he's a world class performer!"
- Abby Bryson, WTOL 11 News

"Pretty incredible!"
- Abby Bryson, WTOL 11 News

"He has remarkable stage presence and charisma!"
- Toledo Journal

"The Kid of Pop wows crowd at this year's Michael Jackson Tribute!"
- John J. Watkins, Northwest Indiana Times

"At only nine years old, Ziynne the Kid of Pop is no stranger to the stage or to the Jacksons."- Toledo Journal

"Warming up the crowd was Ziynne, a young dancer and Toledo native who strutted, spun, and moon-walked across the Kris Kringle stage as “the Kid of Pop” in tribute to Michael Jackson."- Toledo Blade

"I have to say, Ziynne was truly outstanding, absolutely amazing actually."

- George Hynd, President of Oakland University

"He's very, very humble and charismatic, and the little guy gets down."

- Clifford Morrow, Hope Ministries

"Kid of Pop free concert, toy giveaway in South Bend."

- Kristin Bien, WSBT TV, Channel 22

"Kid of Pop performs at Hope Ministries."

- South Bend Tribune

"He seemed to wow many of the children and their families, who offered big rounds of applause."

- Christian Sheckler, South Bend Tribune

"Following the example set before him by the great Michael Jackson, Ziynne the Kid of Pop is working to leave an indelible mark in the industry not just through his electrifying performances, but through his passion to help others through his philanthropy work."

- Special to the Truth, Sojurner's Truth

"They felt like they were in the presence of a star," Fusco said. “As active as he is on stage, he's still very shy."

- Tricia Fusco, Paynter Elementary School Principal

"Kid of Pop rocks Paynter Elementary."

- Jim Spezialetti, Trib Live

"So smooth.  Dance Moves 100!"

- SportsCenter, ESPN

"They felt like they were in the presence of a star!"

- MJ Vibe

"The Kid of Pop performs during a NCAA basketball game."

- Quinn Harris, Icon Sportswire

"Ziynne is shown in America's Got Talent promotional video.  (around 42 - seconds mark of video."

- America's Got Talent,Youtube

"Ziynne the Kid of Pop demonstrates some Michael Jackson inspired dance moves!"

- Amy Lant-Wenger, Pilot News

"At just 9 years old, Ziynne - Kid of Pop has been making a name for himself."

- Denise Fedorow, Goshen News

"That kid has moves!"

- Bob Rathbun, Fox Sports Southeast

"Reminds me so much of Michael Jackson!"

- Lachina Robinson, Fox Sports Southeast

"Kid of Pop returns to Pittsburgh for performance!"

- Jim Spezialetti, Trib Live

"Toledo native performs at WNBA game!"

- Sojourner's Truth

"He shared the stage with some of musics biggest stars including the Jacksons!"


"Some call him a mini-Michael Jackson!  His name is Ziynne - also known as the Kid of Pop!"

- WBNS-10

"He is known as the Kid of Pop and has appeared all over the area as the youthful Michael Jackson!"

- Kathy Borlik, South Bend Tribune

"From the legendary Apollo Theater to the hard court of Notre Dame, the Kid of Pop has gained fans of all ages through his incredible dance moves."

- Melissa Hudson, ABC57 News

"Ziynne - Kid of Pop has performed on many stages and is a world class performer having performance requests from as far away as Indonesia and the Netherlands."

- Sojourner's Truth, Toledo, OH

"It is with this gift that doors have opened for Ziynne to not only perform, but to take his place in the entertainment industry as both entertainer and choreographer."

- FreshThoughtz, Atlanta, GA

"We also love bringing music into Saturday Kickoff from the Kid of Pop!"

- Allison Hayes, ABC 57 News

"Ziynne does his thing!  Every show he does, whether it is 5,000 or 10,000 (people) he shuts it down!"

- DJ Layne Luv, WTMH Radio

"If you don't know this kid, follow this kid.  This brother can dance!"

- DJ Jess, Legendary Apollo Theater DJ

"Ziynne The Kid of Pop performs at halftime during the Notre Dame vs. Bethune-Cookman NCAA women's basketball tournament game."

- South Bend Tribune

"The Kid of Pop Rocked his March Madness Michael Jackson tribute!"

- Michael Jackson's Estate

Ziynne - Kid of Pop makes appearance in 'The Apollo' Documentary on HBO.  This documentary also features Patti LaBelle, Pharrell Williams, Smokey Robinson, Jamie Foxx, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Paul McCartney.


'The Apollo' Documentary is directed by Academy Award-winning and Tribeca alumnus Roger Ross Williams and produced by White Horse Pictures.  - Footage courtesy of HBO, White Horse Pictures, and the world-famous Apollo Theater.

The spotlight will soon be shining even brighter on a local star known as "The Kid of Pop."  He will be featured in a new HBO documentary about the Apollo Theater. - Brie Isom, WSBT 22 Reporter

Ziynne - Kid of Pop is in 'The Apollo' Documentary which premiered on HBO.  Here is the segment where the Kid of Pop makes 3 appearances.  - Footage courtesy of HBO, White Horse Pictures, and the world-famous Apollo Theater.

"The Kid of Pop has accomplished so much at such a young age.  From performing with the legendary Jacksons, brothers of the iconic Michael touring across the United States with many of the biggest stars in entertainment...his future is truly bright!"

- Sojourner's Truth, Toledo, OH

"The Kid of Pop Rocked his March Madness Michael Jackson tribute!"

- Michael Jackson's Estate

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