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Art Beat 2018 - 8.18.18!

Saturday, August 18th I'll be performing at the largest festival in downtown South Bend, Indiana!

Art Beat 2018! Art Beat is presented by the Teachers Credit Union (TCU) and this festival draws over 10,000 visitors annually!

This celebration of the arts consist of all types of arts including culinary, performing, visual...there is something for everybody!

Art Beat features over 300 booths showcasing various art forms, and 5 different performance stages for you to enjoy all types of musical and artistic talents!

I'm pleased to share with you that I will be performing on 2 different stages at the Art Beat! I will be performing on the Gridiron Stage at 3:30 PM, and on the Dance Stage 6:30 PM. Both stages will be located in downtown South Bend, Indiana!

I look forward to seeing you there! #KidofPop

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