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Become Better!

Obstacles - A thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress. Something that stands in the way or opposes: hindrance.

In life we will face obstacles. Life is compared to an individual race, complete with know, those things that slow you down.

However, the great news is the race isn't given to those who are fast, or even those who are strong. In this individual race called life, the victory is reserved for those that endure to the end.

It is very easy to quit. When you cannot take the pressure, when you cannot bear the pain any longer...don't quit! Keep moving forward!

These challenges are what make us stronger.

Dream big!

But remember, with every dream comes sacrifice. With every dream comes hard work!

What are you willing to sacrifice to pursue your dreams?

In life you will face obstacles, but use each moment in life to become better!

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