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ABC57 Saturday Kickoff

It was a cold and rainy day on Saturday, but it did not stop the many fans from attending the last home game of the 2017 football season, Senior Day for the University of Notre Dame.

The Navy came to Indiana to face the Fighting Irish in a game that proved to be very tough for both teams.

Competing with each other, along with the high winds and downpours of rain, Notre Dame came out victorious in what was a narrow victory.

The weekend was filled with many highlights including the ABC57 Saturday Kickoff hosted by Allison Hayes.

Allison Hayes with Ziynne - Kid of Pop

The ABC57 Saturday Kickoff is a pregame Fan Fest held before every home game at the University of Notre Dame.

The festivities include interviews, meet & greets by Notre Dame football player legends, promotional giveaways, and entertainment.

For the last home game of the season, ABC57 News invited the Kid of Pop as their guest performer for the Saturday Kickoff! This event was broadcasted LIVE on ABC57 and streamed LIVE on their website at:

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