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Los Angeles and San Diego

Ziynne - Kid of Pop had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles and San Diego. What a great time! There is so much to see in California, from the beautiful scenery of mountains, trees, and the ocean to the many shops and museums.

While in California Ziynne visited Legoland in San Diego, Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier, the Commons at Calabasas, Seaport Village, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and many more places. Too many to name them all in this short blog.

Several of the highlights were: attending the home opener of the NBA regular season for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers, meeting 7-time NBA champion Robert Horry, dancing at the famed Millennium Dance Complex with choreographer Jabari Odom (he has worked with Usher, Miley Cyrus, Ginuwine, and many others...), and spending time in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

California....I'll be back real soon!

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